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Nicole Tew O’Mara

Team Member

Hi, I am Nicole Tew O’Mara


I first learnt to swim at the age of 6 and after many hours of training, was competing nationally from 14 years of age.  Since this time I have been involved in the coaching and teaching of swimming.  Being in and around water really has been my life!

Angelfish Swimmers, Nicole Tew O'Mara

Angelfish Swimmers, Nicole Tew O’Mara


I thrive on passing my love and passion on to all level of students from Preschoolers to Adults. I especially enjoy teaching swimmers with special and additional needs.  My compassion and understanding enables me to gain the trust of even the most anxious and nervous students, building water confidence together with growing self belief.


Angelfish Swimmers

Angelfish Swimmers

I love the variety of lessons we offer from Toddlers, Preschoolers, After-school lessons to specialist one to one sessions – all run from lovely warm pools!