July 2021 – The benefits of toddler classes.

21st July 2021 - 3 minutes read
Toddler class

Some may think it silly to take a baby or toddler swimming before they are old enough to walk or properly talk. However, there are many, well researched benefits to splashing around in the water with your little one.

Water stimulates the body and creates billions of new neurons in a way that is different from any other environment. Kicking, gliding and splashing in the water with your infant can –

– improve cognitive functioning
– reduce the risk of drowning
– improve confidence
– build muscle
– improve coordination
– improve sleep
– improve appetite

Loving the water myself and having swum from a young age, I was keen to get my children swimming as soon as possible for all the reasons listed above. However, one benefit I hadn’t expected was the support network of amazing friends I would develop through parent and toddler swimming lessons.

I have spent a lot of time in a swimming costume, but when I joined my first parent and toddler lesson with my son Dylan, there was something about wearing just a swimsuit in a group of new people that initially made me feel quite vulnerable. But that feeling quickly went away as I laughed and had fun with Dylan, singing and splashing to songs and playing different games that not only increased his confidence, but mine as well.

As a group of new parents we would share our experiences of the highs and lows of parenting. We soon became close and would often go for a coffee and a play in the park or farm shop afterwards. 15 years later and I am so grateful for these friendships as our children have grown, started school and entered the teenage years!

As a teacher of toddler lessons, I now see these relationships from a different perspective. It is incredible how much my groups are able to share, socialise and swim in just 30 minutes in the pool! For both mums and dads alike this social element of our lessons is hugely valuable and one which I think will be even more important as our working lives change and more time is spent at home rather than the office.

Izzy’s mum, Taryn, puts it perfectly – ‘Going to Angelfish Swimmers with my toddler was great fun. Not only was it quality time with my daughter, I made some really great mum friends too. We had so much fun together. Our classes were the highlight of our week! We laughed a lot, but most importantly we encouraged and reassured each other when the children had their off days.’

So, there you go – some benefits of toddler classes that may not have crossed your mind before!

Jen x

Angelfish Swimmers, developing water confidence and beautiful swimming technique in a supportive and fun environment.

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