Our preschool lessons are suitable for children aged 3 to 4 years. Limited to just 3 children per 30-minute lesson, our teachers are in the water with parents/carers watching and supporting their swimmer from poolside.


We plan each lesson to be fun and interactive. We use a variety of teaching practices and aids including woggles, kickboards and backfloats as well as a range of floating and sinking toys. From time to time we also use arm rings to increase the confidence of less able swimmers and to develop specific skills such as improved body position and rotations. Each preschool course of lessons includes a themed fun week relevant to the time of year.


At the end of each course, swimmers are assessed so that we can monitor their progression. Every preschooler receives a badge and/or certificate in recognition of all the hard work and effort they have put into their swimming.


We run our preschool lessons in Bath, a beautiful, warm and private pool which provides the perfect setting for our preschoolers to have fun while building their water confidence and stroke technique.


Getting to know you sessions

We like to get all new starters in the water before they are booked onto a course of lessons with Angelfish Swimmers. These one-to-one sessions are hugely important as they give swimmers the experience of swimming by themselves for the very first time in a calm and gentle session. The main purpose is to check they are ready to swim solo and to meet their new teacher.  They also provide us with an opportunity to assess their level of water confidence/ability. This ensures all children are appropriately grouped in terms of ability and confidence. It also helps their first lesson to go smoothly as they have already been to the pool, met their teacher and have been matched with equally able children.