Angelfish Swimmers, Trish Pallister

Trish Pallister

Team Member

Hi, I’m Trish Pallister.

I started swimming at an early age in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). I represented my country for 7 years from 1974 to 1980 during which time I won Bronze and Silver medals in the 200m Butterfly at the Curry Cup in South Africa.

After my swimming career I decided to move on to a team sport – Softball – again working really hard to represent my country.  I attended two World Series: one in New Zealand; and the other in the USA.

A move to the USA followed for specialised softball coaching. Whilst there I also coached the local Alvin swim team. When the team became short of over 18 swimmers I started training again, aged 27, making it to the Texas State Championships and winning 2 Golds and a Silver.

I have always tried to give my best in everything I do. I love Swimming and have taught for over 30 years, it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see my swimmers progress.

I hold a Level 2 ASA Swimming Teachers Certificate.

Angelfish Swimmers, Trish Pallister

Angelfish Swimmers, Trish Pallister